Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sweet Nothing aka -KAJU KATLI

Sweet beginning.
Let us start with a sweet - Kaju katli (cashew burfi)
Generally Indian sweets are considered as too sweet by the Czech.
As the name goes the main ingredients are cashew and sugar but with little amount of Indian flavor with cardamom powder.
Cooking is always an experiment.
You try and when you see the outcome is perfect your heart is filled with joy.
In this fast world if I have to catch your attention with my first dish, it would better not consume too much of your time.
All you need is just 30 minutes.
Keep the ingredients simple and sweetJ
Cashew                       1 cup (~125 gram)
Sugar                         ½ cup
Water                         4 to 5 tablespoons full
Cardamom powder             1 teaspoon

A little bit of preparation goes a long way; so keep these prepared and ready.
Powder the cashew. Cashew releases some fat (oil) when you grind –be careful when you powder it.
Put the mixer in whipper mode and stir the cashew powder in the mixer often.

It will not release fat and the cashew powder will be dry and fine.

Now keep a flat plate greased with ghee (melted butter)
Keep the cardamom powder ready.
Keep a small bowl of water to check the sugar syrup.
Take a non-stick pan and add sugar and water to it.
Put the flame in medium and let the mixture boil.
Stir it constantly and when there are bubbles on the syrup put the flame to simmer.

How do we know that the syrup is ready to receive the Cashew and Cardamom powder?
·        Take a small drop, drop it into a bowl of water – if the syrup forms patterns on the surface instead of dissolving immediately – it is of the right consistency.
·        Another way to check is to check the consistency by pinching it between your fingers – this is too subjective and is actually painful as the syrup is hot – choose which you like. J
Add the powders to the syrup and continue to stir
Do not allow lumps to form
A low flame will help in stirring it into a smooth mix.
A small portion can be extracted and checked for its readiness. If you are able to roll it into a soft ball without it breaking apart – you have been successful! J
Switch off the burner. Transfer the dough to the flat greased plate and spread it evenly with the ladle.
Put a butter paper on the top and use a rolling pin to roll it evenly to the thickness you desire.
After a while remove the butter paper, cut it into the shape you want however the accepted shape is a diamond.

 Remember to slice it while it is still warm as a warm mix is easier to slice.

At the end of it all, looks still matter.

If you can manage to get a thin silver foil that is used by sweet marts it is good else put a string of saffron on top of the slices or rose petals too for the looksJ



  1. This is one my most favourite sweets! Looks yum :-) I am eagerly waiting for your other recipes now. Best wishes!

    1. Hema-this is my favourite too.
      Would be happy if you could benefit by the recipe.

  2. Looks yummy and great tips! Will definitely try... Thanks!!!

  3. Thnaks Mitul:-).Pls send your comments too after trying it:-)

  4. Great Going. Must distribute Kaju Katli for the beautiful begining

    1. Thank you Pursuer:-).Very cute title.will distribur=te when you come here.

  5. You're a great cook , and your meals are delicious .už looking forward to some vegetable delicacy . Good luck with this blog. Týna

    1. Thank you Tyna for your kind words.First in the list will be munga curry which i prepared when you came home:-)

    2. Thank you Tyna for your kind words.First in the list will be munga curry which i prepared when you came home:-)

    3. Thank you Tyna for your kind words.First in the list will be munga curry which i prepared when you came home:-)

  6. Thanks for the yummy recipe Mangala..
    Will definitely try it out.

  7. Thanks suda.Will be waiting for your feedback