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Chicken butter masala.

Surprised to see the title from a vegetarian Tambrahm …J.Of-course   it’s me who has started to cook chicken dishes in my new kitchen to satisfy the taste buds of my kids and to my all loving Czech and Indian meat eating  friends.

This is the most popular chicken dish which is not so spicy and has good flavors of homemade sauce , butter and cream. The aroma it releases after cooking is something which has to be experienced. Though I neither eat nor taste the chicken I can vouch the authenticity of the recipe after seeing the happy faces of my children and excellent feed-back from my friends.

The recipe is to benefit all the chicken lovers .Easy to cook with simple procedures to follow.

Please don’t be afraid  by the length of the recipeJ. I have given a detailed description of the recipe.

Now the ingredients.

For the chicken-

1. Boneless chicken or chicken breast(Kuřecí prso)                      -1kg            
2. Ginger garlic paste(zázvor česneková pasta)                 -1 tbsp full
3. Lime juice*                                                                       -2 tsp
4. Salt                                                                                   -to taste
5. Corriander powder(koriandr prášek)                               -1 tbsp full.
6. Chilli powder(chilli koření)**                                            -2 tsp
7. Chilli  paprika***                                                             -1 tsp
8.Oil                                                                                     -1 tsp

For the curry or gravy (omáčka)-
9. Onions                                                                            -400 gms
10. Tomatoes                                                                      -2 medium size
11. Cashew nuts                                                                 -7or 8 nos
12. Dried fenugreek leaves-kasoori methi
(sušená pískavice listy) ****                                              -1 tbsp
13. Ginger garlic paste                                                      -1tbsp
14. Chilli powder *****                                                       -1 tbsp
15. Corriander Powder                                                       -1 tbsp
16. Cumin seeds(římský kmín)                                          -1tbsp
17. Oil                                                                                 -2 tbs

Butter                                                                                 -50 gms
Food color (deep orange-optional)                                    -1 tsp
Heavy Cream                                                                     -200 ml


As a norm prepare the things before starting to cook.

1. Cut the chicken in small cubes.( malé kostky).

2. Cut the onions into pieces and also the tomatoes.

3. Make ginger garlic paste and keep it ready. Add ginger and garlic in equal proportion and grind it in a mixer. You can make paste in larger quantity and store it in a bottle or air tight container and refrigerate. It will remain for at least a month. I usually prepare 300 gms of paste and refrigerate it.

First step is to marinate the chicken with the ingredients mentioned under- For the chicken.

Take the pieces of chicken in a bowl add all the ingredients from 1-8.
Keep it aside for 10 minutes or till you finish the preparation for gravy.

*Lime juice is added to avoid the smell while cooking and also to get the tangy taste in the chickenJ

**you can increase the quantity if you want mild spice as the final product tends to become very mild due to adding of butter and cream and a tsp of sugar.

***Indian friends-please use only Kashmiri chili powder and if you want slightly spicy increase the quantity

Now for the gravy(omáčka).

Take a pan and add oil in it. When it is warm add the cumin seeds and when it splutters add the diced onions and a pinch of salt. As I always say by adding salt to the onions it will cook faster.

Then add the ginger garlic paste and cook till the raw flavor goes.

When the onions are slightly cooked or translucent add the cashew-nuts and the kasoori methi and saute it for 3 mnts.

Then add the chili powder and coriander powder and saute it for another two mnts.

Now is the time to add tomatoes. After adding tomatoes add a pinch of salt and cook till the tomatoes are cooked and the mixture appears like a mashed potatoes.

Switch off the gas and stir it well and keep it aside for cooling.

When the onion tomato mixture is getting cold to be grinded into a silky paste –start cooking the chicken.


Heat oil in the pan. When it is warm add the marinated chicken into it and stir it in between continuously till the chicken is cooked fully.

The chicken will release more water when its cooking .Stir well till the water evaporates and the chicken looks dry. Please be careful not to burn the chicken.
Transfer it into the bowl .

Now the mixture for the gravy is cool and ready for grinding. Make a paste out of the mixture.

Make it into a very smooth paste as we don’t want any ingredients to be seen in the gravy. We want the gravy to be very silky.

Now put the same pan in which the chicken is cooked. Put the flame in low heat and add the butter.  When the butter is melted add the prepared sauce into it. When the sauce is cooking add 1 cup of water as the sauce tends to thicken due to cashew and cream. Now you can increase the flame to medium heat. At this stage check salt and add if necessary.

Allow the sauce to boil, but stir the sauce continuously. It will take 5-7 mnts to cook.

Now mix the food color in a tbsp of water and add it to the gravy.

Cook for another two mnts.

Now add the cream and stir well for another 5 mnts.

Then add the fried chicken into the gravy and stir well.

Your chicken butter masala is ready to serve.

****Kasoori methi-Dear Czech friends-you can skip the ingredient. But it adds rich flavor to it. You don’t get this in Ostrava. I am hunting to find it in a shop in Ostrava. If you want it please inbox me in fb or leave a comment in my blog. Will be ready to help you in procuring the sameJ

*****Dear Indian friends-As the final product is going to be very mild ,if you want little spice add one green chilly when you are cooking the mixture. Add it after adding ginger garlic paste and saute it well. As we are going to make it into fine paste the green chilly will disappear.

Please note-If you are allergic to nuts,  please replace it with sunflower seeds instead of cashew nuts. Even without adding the cashew the taste will remain the same. If you are not adding the nut then don’t add water while cooking the gravy.

Happy cooking this yummy dish and the smile is guaranteed on your kids faceJ

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