Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Corn, Spinach &Cheese Toast.

This is the simplest recipe but a fulfilling meal with minimum ingredients and less cooking time.

Now the ingredients-

Sweet corn kernels /sladké kukuřice jádra      – 1 cup
Spinach /špenát                                               -1 1/2cups
Garlic pods/ česnek lusky                                -3 medium size
Nutmeg/muškátový oříšek                               -1 tsp (grated )
Green chilli *                                                    -1 very finely chopped
Red chilli flakes/červené chilli vločky**           -1 tbsp (for spreading on the top of slices)
Butter/Maslo                                                      -50gms.
Onions/cibule                                                    -1 medium size
All-purpose flour/Mouka                                     -1 cup
Milk/Mleko                                                          -1 ½ cups  
Cheese                                                               -200 gms                         

As a practice prepare the ingredients before starting to cook.

Wash the spinach leaves in colander and keep it aside for the water to drain. Once the water is drained fully (need not have to be dried fully-as we are going to cook it),cut the spinach and keep it ready.

Cut onions into small pieces.

Peel the garlic and chop it well.

It’s easier to use the frozen sweet corn which is available in all the super markets.


Take a pan and add the butter. If you want less fat use half of butter and oil. I used only butter.The choice is absolutely yours as the taste will not change in either ways:-).

When the butter is about to melt add the garlic and saute well .Don’t make it brown –please.

Then add the onions and green chilies and stir till the onions are cooked. Again don’t wait till its brown.

*You avoid green chilies if you are going to use the chili flakes on top of the slices of bread.
I preferred green chilies as it’s cooked and the chili will not be felt in every bite. Again the choice is yours-Please:-).

**use the red chili flakes if you are not adding the green chilies.

When the onions are cooked (when they are translucent) grate the nutmeg and mix well.

Now it’s time to add the flour. Put the flame in low medium and stir till the raw flavor goes out.

Add required salt. 

Now add half a cup of milk at a time and mix well. Stir well till you get a nice paste consistency.check the salt before switching off the gas.

Now the mixture is ready to be spread on the slices of bread.

Cut the edges (if you want to) and apply the spread generously on the slices and grate the cheese on the top and put it in the oven at 200 °f.

Cook it in the oven till the cheese melts. Please do not make the cheese brown.

The cheese should be felt in every biteJ.

You can see the cheese just melted and not brown. This is the time you switch off the oven and the toast is ready to serve.

I used brown bread as it is not sweet and goes well with this toast.

You can serve it as sandwiches too.